Community Day

The foss-north community day is a day of community activities.

We have invited a number of projects to Gothenburg and provided them with venues. Now it is up to you to visit them and explore!

This day is free of charge, but we would be happy if you could RSVP this meetup for us to know how many your are. Some of the projects also require you register your participation. See the descriptions below for more information.

Notice that you do need to get one for the rest of the conference. Get your's here!

Please notice that the list below is tentative!




B3 Consulting

Venue address:

B3 Consulting Göteborg
Kämpegatan 6
411 04 Göteborg
The KDE community and technologies it uses, from translation to coding to design. We have a handful of topics, and we'll see what gets the most interest. Afterwards we'll sit down with a drink and talk KDE things in general. To participate, you'll need a laptop or mobile device.

Venue address:

Create your foss-north badge (Workshop)
Workshop for creating your own badge

Venue address:

Göteborgsvägen 52
431 37 Mölndal
An introduction to GNOME community, the projects we are developing now and the areas that people with no technical background can contribute to. After the introduction we will have the newcomers workshop, which is for developers who want to participate in coding GNOME’s apps.This workshop requires a bit of object oriented programming and git skills.

Venue address:

We'll have a Bug Squashing Party in Gothenburg (Sweden) on Sunday March 29, organized as part of Foss-North's Community Day. The event will be held at Viktoriahuset, courtesy of the Inbyggd Frihet project, close to the old town.
Even if you're not a Debian Developer or Maintainer yet (but are otherwise interested in fixing bugs and helping Debian) please don't hesitate to attend; there will be enough people around to sponsor uploads and/or offer advice.
Please use the wiki for registration and further information about the venue.

Venue address:

Linnégatan 21
Ansible Contributor Summit Europe
The Ansible Contributor Summit is a full day of working sessions with the Ansible core team and community contributors. This year the European edition will be held in Gothenburg, in conjunction with foss-north 2020,as part of the Community Day. The event is free but registration is required!

Venue address:

Chalmers Conference Centre
Chalmersplatsen 1
412 58 Göteborg