New Infrastructure

2019-07-15 09:00:00 by Johan Thelin

Today we launch the new foss-north infrastructure. In the past years we've gone from a single day event with 100 visitors, to a four day chaos with 260 visitors, 35+ speakers, numerous workshops, and two training sessions. The web site has slowly progressed from a handmade static site with dynamic parts outsourced to google forms and Eventbrite, to a Jekyll-based site, but still outsourced services.

The new system is based on the pgeu's conference system. A big thanks goes to Magnus Hagander for helping getting this up and running.

With the new system we can finally in-house all our user interaction, so no more Google Forms and no more Eventbrite. This means that we save some money on fees, and we ensure that all user data is contained within our organization.

As the infrastructure is new, we expect some glitches. If you find something looking odd your feedback is most appreciated!