Save the Date! April 26 2017

Call for Sponsors

We want to create the meeting space for open source communities in the Nordic region. The foss-north event is one step on that path. Nothing of this would be possible by the support of our sponsors.

Sponsor Tiers

We are looking for sponsors of all sizes. To be a part of the foss-north event, we offer the following tiers.
Benefit Base Silver Gold
Cost 10kSEK 20kSEK 40kSEK
Availability Unlimited Unlimited 2
Logo and link Yes, small Yes, large Yes, largest
Mention in keynote     Yes
Number of free tickets 3 5 10
In addition to the sponsorship tiers above we have six exhibitor slots where you can meet the audience and display a roll-up. These are available from 5kSEK.
Detailed information can be found in our sponsorship prospectus.


The foss-north event and foss-gbg groups are organized by the same group and share the same goals. Any surplus generated from the foss-north event will be fed into foss-gbg events and into the next foss-north events. Our aim is to build a reoccuring event!