Tickets are sold via eventbrite, either through the event page, or by picking the tickets from the list below.
Tickets bought before April 9 include breakfast, lunch and coffee. Tickets are still sold until the day before the event, but does not include catering. We have ordered more food than we've sold tickets on April 9, so we hope to be able to provide food to all participants, but we cannot guarantee this due to lead times ordering supplies.
We also offer a discounted block of hotel rooms at Scandic Rubinen available until April 12. You can find booking instructions below.
Tickets are sold in the following three categories:
Student Tickets
Discounted tickets for students. A student ID is required when picking up the event badge.
Standard Tickets
Tickets for ordinary, non-student, visitors.
Corporate Tickets
Adding a company name to the event badge and supporting the event with some extra funds.

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The following rooms are available at a discounted price from Scandic Rubinen during the event:
Single Room
11 sqm with 1x140cm bed
only for one guest
1050 SEK/night incl taxes
Standard Room
15 sqm with 2x90cm beds
one guest, 1150 SEK/night incl taxes two guests, 1350 SEK/night incl taxes
Standard Room Plus
23 sqm with 2x100cm beds
one guest, 1250 SEK/night incl taxes two guests, 1450 SEK/night incl taxes
The rooms are to be booked individually by the guest and the booking code is CHA210418. The rooms can be booked by phone at our individual room reservation, phone no +46 (0)31 751 54 00, choose #1 for reservation and then #1 for room reservation. Date and booking code is required for the reservation as well as name and phone number.
The rooms are available for reservation until 12th April or as long as rooms are available.
For guarantee of late arrival, after 6 pm, a credit card number with the expire date has to be given.
The rooms can be changed and cancelled up to 6 pm at the arrival date.