Community Day

The foss-north community day is a day of community activities taking place on April 23.

We have invited a number of projects to Gothenburg and provided them with venues. Now it is up to you to visit them and explore!

Notice that you do need a ticket to get one for the rest of the conference. Get your's here!

Please notice that the list below is tentative!




Get creative with FLOSS
The vector drawing program Inkscape celebrates 20 years. We think it is a good excuse to meet and learn about some of the tools and workflows that lets you be creative with free software.
  1. Graphic production with free tools. A complete workflow from text and images to a print-ready PDF.
  2. Stitching with FLOSS. What is Ink/Stitch? You will get an opportunity to create your own patch at a reasonable cost.
  3. Create(d) with free software. Make music with free tools. We will make a popsong -- maybe even a hit!
If you have one, bring a laptop, preferably with GNU/Linux (we use Debian).
Swedish "fika" will be available at cheap prices.
Where: Digidem Lab, Hagahuset, Linnégatan 21, Göteborg
Limited number of seats - make sure to register!
Digidem Lab
Linnégatan 21
Let's translate Standard for Public Code to Swedish
The Standard for Public Code is a set of criteria that supports public organizations in developing and maintaining software and policy together. It aims to give public organizations a model for building their own open source solutions to enable successful future collaboration and reuse by similar organizations in the public sector in other places.
While the Standard for Public Code aims to be written in plain English, inevitably there are some jargon related to public policy and code development in it. Thus, to enable civil servants to adopt it in their context, a translation may be useful.
The Network Open Source and Data, NOSAD, invites you to join this kick-start of the translation to Swedish in which we try to find consensus for how to translate certain words and frequently used terminology.
If you have questions about translating the Standard for Public Code to other languages, those can also be answered during this session.
Kämpegatan 6
411 04 Göteborg
Social Event
We meet at restaurant Vita for drinks and food.
Please help us plan by registering your attendance. We will check for registration at the entrance in case the place gets full.
Vita Restaurant och Vinbar
Nordhemsgatan 28
413 06 Göteborg