Tickets are sold via eventbrite, either through the event page, or by picking the tickets from the list below.

Tickets bought before March 25 include lunch and coffee. Tickets are still sold until the day before the event, but does not include catering. We have ordered more food than we’ve sold tickets on March 25, so we hope to be able to provide food to all participants, but we cannot guarantee this due to lead times ordering supplies.

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Tickets are sold in the following three categories:

Student Ticket
April 8-9

Discounted conference tickets for students. A student ID is required when picking up the event badge.

Conference Ticket
April 8-9

Conference tickets for non-student visitors.

Training Ticket
April 8-10

Training day tickets. These tickets include access to the conference days, as well as one of the two trainings held on April 10


Stay another day?

Our partner organization Swedsoft is having their spring meeting in Gothenburg on April 10. Among the speakers you find Victoria Van Camp (CTO, SKF), Caroline Nordin (Global Product Manager, SKF). Visit Swedsoft’s event page for more information.


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We are sold out!