NOTE: Tickets are no longer available for this conference.

Get your ticket via the ticket registration page (requires the setup of an account).

The ticket registration process requires you to register using an OpenID source. At the moment we support github and Google. If you cannot identify using these services we offer a manual process. This means getting the ticket via mail and processing the payment via bank transfer. Please notice that this process involves a substantial amount of additional work for the organizers so we urge you to consider using the standard process which is quicker and easier. To request a ticket manually, please email us at with the subject line "Ticket foss-north 2024".

Tickets bought before April 1st include lunch and coffee. Tickets are still sold until the day before the event, but does not include catering. We have ordered more food than we’ve sold tickets on April 1st, so we hope to be able to provide food to all participants, but we cannot guarantee this due to lead times ordering supplies.

Tickets are sold in the following categories:

Student Ticket
April 15 - 16

300 SEK
Discounted conference tickets for students. A student ID is required when picking up the event badge.

Conference Ticket
April 15 - 16

500 SEK
Conference tickets for non-student visitors.